Pantri Launch Maker Appliances

Pantri has launched Maker Appliances, a brand aimed at creating awesome kits and resources specifically to encourage makers and students to learn how to create smart devices.

The purpose of Maker Appliances is to provide a learning resource for makers wishing to build a smart appliance on Pantri.

At the same time Maker Appliances will sell an ever expanding range of kits for any maker or electronics student to learn how to create simple smart appliances. In 2019, Maker Appliances will launch its ‘Push-Thru’ IoT button.

Maker Appliances aims to build a community of maker-preneurs through regular events and meetups, where makers can learn about this rapidly expanding market and share ideas!

We hope that the innovation found in Maker Faires, meetups, college campuses & workshops around the globe will develop new and exciting smart devices – accelerating the build out of the smart kitchen.

The idea is a simple one... get people building smart appliances & starting to think about the challenges ahead for automating grocery replenishment.

All devices are Open Source (more here).  This means that anyone can take our hardware ideas, copy & modify them as they see fit.

This means that a Maker can:
build one of our kits…
… get an idea for something else …
… & then modify the design with new circuits & sensors to create a new way of tracking grocery usage!

What Is A Maker?

If you aren’t familiar with the term, we suggest that you get yourself along to your local Maker Faire:

In short, a Maker is an electronics hobbyist, but the Maker Movement is a lot more than that.  Its to many a way of life, surrounded by creation of often cool, technologically breathtaking stuff.  The only purpose for this stuff being because the contraption is a challenge.

I (Tom) see this as being amazing technological art & enjoy the creations on offer from the community.  But, at the same time, I see a world of untapped potential in providing advancements in society, by focussing the communities notable talents into the creation of the smart kitchen devices of the future.

I truly believe that the person who figures out how to build a smart fruit bowl will more likely come out of a garden shed rather than a multi-national appliance manufacturers dev lab.