Pantri Launch M Appliances

After launching Pantri at Maker Faire UK in April 2018, we’ve realised that there is some confusion assuming that Pantri is all about a DIY Push Button Device.

To combat this, we’ve launched M Appliances.  M for Maker: M Appliances will become the home of Pantri Compliant Maker kits & resources, which currently consist of the A Bit Pushy Push Button, but will soon offer a plethora of devices.

The idea is a simple one... get people building smart appliances & starting to think about the challenges ahead for automating grocery replenishment.

All devices are Open Source (more here).  This means that anyone can take our hardware ideas, copy & modify them as they see fit.

This means that a Maker can:
build one of our kits…
… get an idea for something else …
… & then modify the design with new circuits & sensors to create a new way of tracking grocery usage!

What Is A Maker?

If you aren’t familiar with the term, we suggest that you get yourself along to your local Maker Faire:

In short, a Maker is an electronics hobbyist, but the Maker Movement is a lot more than that.  Its to many a way of life, surrounded by creation of often cool, technologically breathtaking stuff.  The only purpose for this stuff being because the contraption is a challenge.

I (Tom) see this as being amazing technological art & enjoy the creations on offer from the community.  But, at the same time, I see a world of untapped potential in providing advancements in society, by focussing the communities notable talents into the creation of the smart kitchen devices of the future.

I truly believe that the person who figures out how to build a smart fruit bowl will more likely come out of a garden shed rather than a multi-national appliance manufacturers dev lab.