Pantri Dashboard

The place to pair your appliances
with shops & grocery items

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Web App

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iOS App Store

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What does the Dashboard do?

Connect Your Devices

You can add any Pantri Compliant Device to your account from within the dashboard.  Then, when your appliance sends us usage data, we can assign that information directly to your account!

Add Your Grocery Items

Input the grocery items that you want your appliances to keep a track of.  Don’t worry, you’ll only need to do this once as the items will re-add from your shopping lists next time.

Set A Pantri Rule

Want to always have more than 3 apples at home, a minimum 4 pack of beer, a minimum of a pint of milk, or 1 can of deodorant in reserve?  You set the rules in the Dashboard for Pantri to follow.

Auto Grocery Reorders

When your appliances count down to a quantity below your Pantri Rule, Pantri collates a shopping list in the dashboard which it then sends off as an order to your chosen online grocery retailer.

Want to have a go?

We’re in a closed Alpha Launch at present….  but…

If you’re an electronics hobbyist maker, appliance manufacturer, retailer or tech enthusiast – send us an email to telling us who you are why you want access to the Pantri Dashboard.  We’ll run through a quick email interview & will let you try out the platform!