Retailers are the third link in making automated grocery replenishment a reality


Key Features Of A Pantri Connected Retailer

Product API

A retailers products need to be available in an API format, with product description & identification information made available to Pantri programmatically – enabling it to be assigned to the corresponding machine that will track the grocery items use.

Receive Orders & Payments Automatically

A key feature of automation is for Pantri to have the facility to present an order for a user automatically, which the retailer can then automatically process payment for automatically too.  Enabling the purchase to be made, without customer interaction with either a Pantri or retailer interface.

Post or Deliver The Grocery Item

The final link in getting an automated replenishment to the customer is for the retailer to actually fulfil the item to them.  This needs to be done either via a postal delivery network or via their own delivery service.

Confirm Fulfilment

A crucial follow up element element requires the retailer to accurately confirm that an item has been delivered to the consumer in a digital form as this then enables Pantri to accurately update a customers inventory record.

Large & Small Retail Supported

Large Retail

Large retailers collectively feed nations.  Their wholesale purchase divisions, distribution networks, outlets & now last mile delivery frameworks provide a critical function to society.

Many national scale networks now provide omni-channel online purchase solutions paired with delivery – often through their own delivery fleet or through a self employed freelance workforce.

Pantri is seeking partnerships with retailers who have this existing infrastructure in place & simply need API access into these existing product, delivery & payment systems to enable them to support orders from the Pantri network of appliances.

Are you from a large retailer?  Need advice on how you might interface with Pantri whilst protecting your customers & your wider business?  Lets talk?  We’re more than happy to give you an opinion on what you’re doing & what we need from you to make things work!

Small Retail

How can a corner store, farm shop or even a kitchen table operator continue to function in a world of Smart Devices, AI & API’s present a daunting new consumer interface?

There is the potential for them to be left behind as the Smart Kitchen & automated grocery replenishment takes hold.  Yet at the same time, it has never been easier to sell online & fulfil orders through postal networks that are constantly evolving faster & cheaper services.

If you are a small company looking to sell online, the likelihood is that you will do so through an eCommerce site providers such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Big Commerce or Magento.

Pantri are currently actively developing plugins to enable Shopify & WooCommerce stores to plug their products straight into the Pantri Dashboard & for orders to be then inserted back into your store interface automatically.

This will then enable a farm shop to sell their produce on a Shopify Store or a craft coffee roaster to sell their bags on their own WooCommerce website, apply for a Pantri Connected Retailer Account, install a plugin on their website & receive orders from Pantri.

Don’t want to run your own website?  Take a look at the Pantri Marketplace below – an even easier solution for you to sell your wares on the Pantri platform.

Current Grocery Connections UK Supermarket

Uk’s largest online grocery retailer, with competitive pricing & countrywide distribution – including a new service providing 60 minute deliveries in central London.

alt textUK Retailer

Small independent petfood brand operated by Pantri, running on WooCommerce.

Shiner Dishwasher Tablets

Delivered throughout the UK in a box that fits through your letterbox using the UK Royal Mail postal network.

Gläntz Dishwasher Tablets

Delivered thoughout Germany in a box that fits through your letterbox using Deutsche Post postal network.

UK Grocery Marketplace

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USA Grocery Marketplace

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German Grocery Marketplace

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UK Retailer

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UK Retailer

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a 21st century retailer knows omni-channel
a pantri connected retailer
is an omni-channel retailer

We shopped with individual merchants in town centres, visiting a different retailer to purchase bread from a baker, greens from a grocer & meat from a butcher.

Some would even deliver the order to the consumer directly at the end of the day.


Then, in the latter third of the twentieth century, consumers altered their shopping habits.  Supermarkets popped up across the western world, providing a single endpoint for consumers to purchase their weekly groceries – all for a lower fee thanks to the bulk buying power of the supermarkets.

A single bill & a short walk into the carpark with the trolley further aided consumer convenience – cutting down a shopping trip from a day long jaunt to chore that could be executed in under 2 hours.


Today, consumers shop a plethora of devices, from websites to mobile apps, to local mini-marts.  The world of online grocery delivery is also taking shape at a rapid pace.

This all adds up to increased speed for the customer, with an online shop & receipt of a delivery now taking less than an hour to undertake.

& now its time
for a new paradigm
in grocery retail