MakerAppliances “Push-Thru button”

MakerAppliances Push-Thru Button

"Push-Thru Button Kit"

MakerAppliances have launched a ‘make & bake’ connected button which links directly through to Pantri

Push-Thru is MakerAppliance’s ‘build at home’ connected button kit.

Making use of thru hole components (included in the kit) you assemble and solder the button, add some code (we have this all worked out for you), and then connect to your Pantri account. Once linked with Pantri, you can start your maker journey into automated grocery shopping!

The device is a self assembly kit that a makers and students can solder together, before programming the onboard ESP-8266 microchip with Arduino code, to send grocery usage information up to your Pantri account each time it is pressed.

The device will be available soon on the MakerAppliances site.