Grocery shopping,

done automatically.

using smart devices to do smarter shopping


How Pantri works



Create an account then connect a smart plug, a smart kitchen appliance, or simply use our app



Set a minimum level of each grocery that you want to keep in stock.



Pantri will keep an eye on your stock levels for you. When your groceries start to get low, we automatically arrange for your favourite online retailer to deliver replacement items as you need them.


3 ways to use Pantri

use our app, a smart plug, or a smart appliance

to make your kitchen smart

Pantri Dashboard

Through the dashboard we offer a simple subscription service for those everyday groceries that you just need.

We deliver straight through your letter box.

So no more waiting in or missed deliveries!


Smart Plug

You can use a smart plug to make your grocery shopping super smart!

When linked to Pantri, your kitchen appliances can automatically order groceries, as they start to get low. No more running out, or dashing to the shop for forgotten items!


Smart Appliance

Smart kitchen appliances such as; dishwashers, washing machines and coffee machines can connect to Pantri.

Pantri can automate your weekly shop by “talking” to your appliances to find out what you need - automatically delivering fresh supplies before you run out.