The age of the
Smart Kitchen
is upon us

At Pantri #SmartKitchen devices communicate
with the globes online grocery retailers

In the middle, our API & Dashboard enable consumers to make
the #SmartKitchen & automated grocery replenishment work

Devices & Appliances
Want to know what #SmartKitchen appliances work with Pantri?

Before you start relying on the #SmartKitchen to re-order groceries for you, you need to buy some #SmartKitchen devices to hook up to the Pantri API.

You do this by making sure your new device isĀ Pantri Compliant.

The Pantri Dashboard
Where your devices & retailers are configured

Once you’ve purchased your device, you need to hook it up to your other devices, your chosen retailers & tell Pantri how you want it to shop for you…

Like “Pantri, make sure I’ve always got 2 cartons of Big Dairy Semi Skimmed Milk in the fridge”.

Online Grocery Retailers
To finish off, You need to get your groceries automatically.

Pantri is growing an ever expanding list of online grocery retailers across the globe, meaning that you don’t have to worry about your new shiny device not working with your local online grocery retailer.

We serve both national & local online retailers too!

We intend to become the platform that makes automated grocery replenishment work

Think of it like a digital butler...

The pantri service is the hub of the smart kitchen, sitting between smart appliances & grocery retailers. It keeps track of your grocery inventory & reorders the items you want, when you need them.

Smart appliances identify grocery usage from their onboard sensors
They then forward that data to the Pantri API
Pantri collates the usage data from different usage sources
Applying superior insights from multiple inputs to accurately track inventory levels
We'll then add items automatically onto your online grocery order
So you don't have to manually check inventory stock levels anymore