Welcome... a new wave of consumer electronics innovation!

Pantri tracks grocery usage. The pantri service aims to be the hub of the smart kitchen, sitting between smart appliances & grocery retailers. It listens to usage information from smart appliances, keeps track of your grocery inventory & re-orders the items you want, when you need them. Think of Pantri like a butler. Inkeeping with tech startup naming conventions - lets call it butler 2.0!

At the moment you build the A Bit Pushy device – a pushbutton that connects through to the Pantri API over the internet. It can be constructed using easily available components running Arduino along with a 3d printed case & some soldering.

Then on the Pantri Dashboard website, you can then configure the button to count down & re-order grocery items from online grocery retailers.

You've caught us at the very beginning.
Pantri is launching at the Maker Faire UK in April 2018!

If you want to come to Maker Faire and meet the team click here!

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